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Our service manager will schedule remote or onsite service for your technology needs once every 3-6 months as prescribed in your original technology solution.

Toll Free 888-654-1299

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In 2004, I was working as a software engineer for a Fortune 500 company, and my wife had just begun her career as a General Dentist after recently graduating from U. of Penn Dental School.  Soon after beginning her Associateship, her practice experienced a significant setback in loss of data due to a very common technology failure.

Following this incident, it was apparent to me that an opportunity awaited; one that could become both personally and professionally rewarding with such a close tie to the dental community and the demand for such a specific technological expertise.

My vision was to create a knowledgeable, service-oriented technology company for the purpose of offering unbiased help with the selection, installation, and support of the numerous hardware and software tools becoming more commonplace in today's digital dental practices.

After some time of business planning with my wife's father (Sam Sciandra) and my wife's brother (Sal Sciandra), in 2004 we founded SK Tech Group to fulfill this purpose. And since inception, SK Tech Group has become the premier dental-exclusive IT provider in the tri-state region.

Since 2004, our team has helped hundreds of dental practices implement high quality dental computer networks, and our mission remains the same today as it was since the beginning. We believe that a dental professional faces enough challenges being a healthcare provider and business owner, and the technology aspect of their practice should be designed, installed and supported by an independent, highly specialized technology company deserving of both a personal and professional trust....SK Technology Group, Inc.

We treat our customers and our employees with integrity and a passion for excellence - no different than the way many of our customers treat their patients and staff. After reviewing our website if you feel your practice can benefit from our experience & service, please don't hesitate to give us a call or submit a "Request for Consultation". We will contact you immediately to discuss your interests or concerns of existing solution.


Mark Kiefer
President, SK Tech Group