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Trojan -

Trojan is a 3rd party software program used by many of our offices to research insurance benefit information. This is a great time saving product for offices that want to quickly explain insurance coverages to patients, without having to perform the lengthy process of contacting the insurance companies directly. Several of the Practice Management software programs have a direct integration to Trojan so that the insurance benefit information can be electronically copied into the patient's record inside of the Practice Management software.

Bluenote Communicator -

Bluenote Communicator is a software-based communication tool that can be used to quickly communicate activities in the dental office. This tool can be used to send messages quickly between staff members, or can be used to make requests by the treatment room or business areas. For instance, a Hygienist can quickly & easily alert the doctor that a "hygiene check" is needed in a treatment room. This company provides a free 30-day trial for any practice.

Florida Probe -

The Florida Probe is a sophisticated computerized periodontal charting solution. This product has a physical tool which can accurately measure the pocket depth, and then send the measurement instantly into the computer for recording. This allows a hygienist to independently and accurately chart a periodontal exam.