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It is as easy as ONE, TWO, THREE  to make a convenient online consultation request from SK Tech Group. 
Follow three easy steps to get a timely and customized response from the technology experts. 

STEP ONE - Please choose the descriptions below that best suit your practice needs or interests. If more than one description applies, please feel free to indicate that for us!

Current Technology

I am currently using technology in my practice but think I would like to change or upgrade an existing system.

I am currently in the process of building a new practice and would like to consider implementing a technology solution during the planning process.

I have not had a good experience with my current technology solution and would like to have a second opinion on the best way to improve the way I am using technology in my practice.

Other (Please describe your specific situation to us in your own words below.)

Technology Wish List

I would like to incorporate digital radiography or another high tech product into my practice.

I would like to use technology in each operatory for maximum efficiency during each appointment. In addition, I would like to be able to educate and entertain my patient at the chair with technology.

I would like to use technology for the overall management of the intangible assets in my practice, including but not limited to, the safe keeping of patient records and accounts as well as scheduling and inventory management.

Other (Please describe your specific situation to us in your own words below.)


I am in the process of exploring which technology products would address a specific technology need I see in my practice.

I am building a new practice in the next 6 months and would like to implement a detailed technology footprint for my contractor so data lines and other preparations are in place when my technology is ready to be installed.

I am considering making major changes in my current technology footprint and would like to stage specific upgrades over a period of time so I can easily transition my team.

Other (Please describe your specific situation to us in your own words below.)

STEP TWO: Please provide your name or the name of a contact person in your practice with whom we can respond. 

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