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SK Tech Group has one focus: To help dental professionals implement and properly maintain all aspects of technology for their dental practice.

We can help with every stage of the process; from the initial Consultation & Product Selection, all the way through to the physical installation and ongoing Support & Maintenance. Here is a very high level summary of the services we offer:

Professional Consulting Services

  1. Product Consultation & Selection
  2. New Office Design & Planning for Technology
  3. Multi-Office Technology Design
  4. Existing Office Technology Replacement & Overhaul

Installation Services

  1. Computer Installation
  2. Monitor Installation
  3. Phone System Installation
  4. Mounting Solutions: Ceiling, Wall, and Desk mounts for Monitors & Computers
  5. Cabling: Data, Phone, and TV

Technical Support Services

  1. Onsite Service for Repairs & Upgrades
  2. Remote Support
  3. Proactive Maintenance