Increase Dentrix Performance by Keeping Software Modules Open

Posted July 25, 2017 in Dental Tech

Do you hate waiting for your practice management software to launch and run? If you are a busy dental practice that runs Dentrix, then this little tip is one you should know since it will save you a ton of time. In recent years, Dentrix has continued to release new versions with more and more new features and functionality – which I know we all love! Unfortunately, many of these new features often come with a price – it just keeps getting slower and slower!

As a Dentrix user, it is important that you use the software properly to achieve the maximum performance. According to Dentrix, you are supposed to keep the software modules open throughout the day by minimizing the screen when changing modules.  You are not supposed to close the module every time you change from one module to the other (Family File, Chart, and Ledger are examples of different Dentrix modules).

Say, for example you wanted to go from Family File to Patient Chart:

  • Launch Appointment Book
  • Right-click on patient, then launch the Chart
  • To switch to another patient, minimize the current patient chart instead of closing
  • Select next patient in Appointment Book, right-click and select chart

Below is a Link to a Short Video Demonstration from the SK Continuous Care Team:

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Contact Us Today » Let us show you how we can help