“Practical & Practice-able HIPAA Compliance” delivered by Mark Kiefer to Philadelphia area study clubs

Posted July 11, 2017 in News & Events

The last couple of weeks I had the privilege of delivering presentations on HIPAA compliance to two different Philadelphia-area study clubs. On July 11th, the presentation was to the Center City study club for Locust Street Periodontics & Implant Dentistry. And, on July 18th, the presentation was to the Northeast study club of Periodontics & Implant Dentistry. Both venues were fantastic, and I had a great audience with lots of questions and interaction.

HIPAA is always a difficult topic because it’s boring, vague, and completely different than what most people spend their time doing all day (i.e. actually doing dentistry on patients that need treatment…) In this presentation, I did my best to deliver insightful information, dive into technology tips that actually improve compliance, and also provide an overview and high-level information that helps people understand the (often misunderstood) scope of HIPAA compliance.

Being a small business-owner can have its challenges, especially in a profession that has full-time demands where the owner must continuously improve the trade that they administer with their own two hands. How can one person have enough time to practice quality dentistry, manage a sizeable staff, handle all aspects of their business operations, AND spend enough time researching federal rules & regulations to ensure full compliance??!! It’s not easy, and I am fortunately or unfortunately able to see it from both sides (remember, my wife owns an Ortho practice and I provide assistance to her business as well.)

Dentists are amazing, and this is the challenge that keeps me going. I want to make this easier for you, I want to deliver a high quality service that relieves many of your most painful challenges, and makes it affordable to a small business owner. At SK Tech, we continuously strive to develop and deliver services that are 100% in line with what you need as a dental professional – nothing more, and nothing less.

Please stay tuned in the upcoming year as we develop and discuss more services to help you with your HIPAA compliance. This should not be overly difficult, intimidating, or expensive. And, if you ever have questions or want our insights on this topic (or others) please contact our SK Tech Group team at 888.654.1299.

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