Foote Orthodontics

“Foote Orthodontics has been working with SK Tech since opening our first office in June 2009. The professionals at SK Tech worked hand in hand with us to set up our computer needs, both for the office staff and chairside. This was especially helpful because in some cases we needed fully operational desktops, and in others, thin laptops for patient needs. SK presents detailed proposals which take you through every step of design and installation, as well as cost. They offer several levels of systems, so that you can tailor your design to patient and budget needs.

In addition, they undertook the task of setting up our second office site in September 2014. We chose, on their advice, to remote through our main server at the first office, and the functionality and cost were a benefit to us and our patients.

Moreover, we work with SK on a contractual basis, so that for maintenance, secure data storage, updated software (Orthotrac) installations, and all “emergency” type situations, we have always found we can rely on them in a timely and professional manner to address our concerns.”

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